Monday, March 22, 2010

In an effort to combat the gloom of this blustery, rainy, cold, March day, I made an attempt to express in outfit form something most like an ice cream cone, or perhaps a cupcake or a sorbet.
My lilac skinny denim (from F21) are possibly my favorite pair of jeans to date. The seafoam green tee is also from F21.

The peachy scarf is from that pile of clothes Kate P. donated to me (a worthy cause I like to think.)

And last but not least, my oversized (but shortish-sleeved) grey wool blazer and cupcake toppish-looking hat. Fortunately I did not actually wear my deck shoes outside, because it rained non-stop today. I wore my aubergine (eggplant) Hunter Wellingtons and thank goodness, because I needed them!

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Sunday March 20

Listening to:
Stevie Wonder, Music of My Mind

I thrifted this dress from Am-Vet's; it is a one piece sweater dress, and the red buttons on the skirt are functional (can't think what purpose they serve!) The gold purse is also an Am-Vet's score.

We are headed out to see Margot and the Nuclear So and So's, and my friend Zak's band Son of the Sun are opening. I got the ring in Little China Town ($10.00. I think it was too much!)

Bought the vintage bluebird brooch at an antique co-op in North Tonawanda.

I got the coat on mega-sale at J.Crew. My bestie Julia gave me the suede wedges.

Saturday March 20

Listening to:
Yeasayer, Odd Blood

Vintage housedress from everything annie likes, belted.

Vintage brown velvet blazer.

The best boots in the world!

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Listening to:
Ornette Coleman

Saturday morning errands to run... the bank and what I am now referring to as "Little China Town," where I plan to purchase some sunglasses, possibly an umbrella and some cheap-o cocktail rings. I'm so very excited! Also today is a clothing drive at Second Chic, a new consignment store opening in Buffalo. I combed my wardrobe and unfortunately have nothing they're looking for but I will stop by nonetheless to say "Hi!" to lovely ladies. After that it's off to school to work in the Fibers studio.

I will be doing a lot of fabric dying in the studio, hence my "painting pants"- a beat pair of Uniqlo skinnies. I like to cuff 'em. I'm also rocking the deck shoes that got me through Europe last summer. So comfy. The black wool beret is a thrifted find, as is the magnificent buffalo plaid blazer. The hoodie and tee are both American Apparel. I have since decided I can't afford that company (also the head honcho is a skeezball. Not like that is news or anything.)

Getting very excited to go out in that sunshine again today! I think it's going to be chilly but I'll deal.

Realized I needed a bag and decided this knockoff LeSportSac bought for twenty euros in Madrid would do- big enough to hold my camera and a chunk of muslin for the studio. The zipper's broken. LeSigh.

Friday, March 19, 2010

Listening to:
Radiohead, Pablo Honey

I decided to take myself on a date to the Albright-Knox Art Gallery, and dress like I meant it.

My hair still had a bit of wave from the hot-rollers yesterday so I threw in a feathery headband (can't remember where I aquired this!) and tucked a Lux Urban Outfitters tunic (another Kate P. gem) into a vintage, knee-length, camel-colored wool skirt.

The shoes are patent and suede camel-colored kitten-heel Oxford Mary Janes (mouthful!), probably my absolute favorite pair of heels EVER. Going to need a trip to the cobbler soon, though.

Threw this dainty little chain belt together with a length of chain I bought at a Joanne Fabrics the other day for $1.29.

Seal-grey knee highs and my favorite vintage wool coat. Still carrying the Mindy-bag.

As it so often does in Buffalo, today the glorious March sunshine deceives. It's pretty chilly out, so I am adding the knitted beret, and there's always the option of flipping the collar of this lovely coat if my neck gets cold. DeKooning lecture, here I come!
Listening to:
David Bowie, Ashes to Ashes.

As per usual, woke up too late and had to rush off to school. Made my best effort at putting together something decent but the photos are unfortunately out of focus and kind of poorly lit.

I was up really late crafting... This rust-red and champagne colored feather comb is one of the things I made... There is a really interesting vintage button on it that shows a crest of some sort with two greyhound-like dogs.

That's the mess I made crafting last night.

My octopus necklace- purchased from a store on Elmwood Ave called Clutch. It is an absolute favorite.

Today's outfit- nothing too exciting. Skinny dark denim, a brown Italian leather purse with gold detailing (a thrift of Mindy's handed down to me.) Heather grey tee shirt and a wonderfully soft grey flannel belted in the middle with a dark brown belt. Wore my vintage Coach trainers, which I haven't busted out in a while. It's nice to have dry ground to walk on; no more slush= a greater variety of shoe choices!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Listening to:
Yeasayer, Odd Blood

Although I don't generally condone it, I happened to wander in to Wal-Mart in Niagara Falls last week and could not resist this juicy orangey-salmon colored lace bra... just perfect for peeking out from under cami's like this silk peacock-feather print racerback one I appropriated from my best friend Julia. (Yes Julia, you will get it back... in due time. Mwahahaha!)

The fitted brown velvet blazer is a huge score from Am-Vets on Elmwood Ave, as well as that buttery brown leather satchel that was still wearing it's original tag purporting it to be made in Spain.


The skirt was bought on a whim at (of all places!) Dots. The wide elastic belt is from a gigantic pile of lovely clothes I was endowed by the wonderful Kate P. I knitted the hat myself. The royal blue nail polish is Julia's from Avon. The picture does them no justice but the boots are from Liz Claiborne and they are so super special.

The black plastic bead necklace and the thick silver chain as well as the salmon colored paisley silk scarf were all thrifted. All in all this ended up being a great outfit for an unexpected mid-afternoon coffee date (except that the skirt was so short I was worried for my modesty when bending to take photos of a bee buzzing about a crocus!)