Sunday, June 12, 2011

Festival wear

I'm going out to take in the German sunshine today wearing what will certainly turn out to be my festival uniform for next week's Hurricane Fest

pale heather peach/pink pocket tank from H&M (massively reduced)

 Shorty shorts- my favorite black Levi's leggings jeans, re-incarnated for summer fun.

'sessories- massively chunky white watch, beaded bracelet I found in a bush in Rome, festival bracelet from L.E. Plagbeatz Westival, ring £0.49 at Camden Market in London. Boots from Deichmann in Leipzig.

Eichornchen (sqürl) earrings from H&M, Camden Town. Freckles courtesy of the aforementioned warm German sun.

Leather strip earrings made by Sweet 'n' Dirty, sunglasses for £1 (!) at Primark in Manchester, hat H&M.